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Thanks Jacque!! Our 6 lesson series has dramatically improved my mid-short iron ball striking in a relatively short period. Now I have a practice plan and thought process when hitting the practice range rather than just banging balls and reinforcing bad habits. I especially like that some of your drills don't even involve striking a golf ball which makes for convenient practice anywhere at anytime. Thanks for your genuine interest in my improvement, your patience and encouragement; looking forward to the start of our 6-month Coaching Plan!

Steve A. 

Hi Jacque,
Feeling good about today's session! It's almost unfathomable to me that in three lessons, you've taught me so much more than hours of YouTube videos and pages and pages of Golf Digest tips! 20+ years of swinging wrong, I told you I was dense! I think the biggest problem is that it's really so simple, but it takes somebody like you to explain it!

Thanks - Darrell   


Student Testimonials

Steve dropped over 10 shots after just 5 weeks working with Jacque!!

Megan went from 113 to 94!! Amazing job!  You Are Golf Season Ready!


Lewis Chang was shooting 105 to 110 before working with Jacque - He just shot an 85 at Kern River!  Great work Lewis!! Marsha went from shooting around 120 to shooting 97!  You go girl!!