Course Records!

Men's Course Record:

Justin Pitts

Women's Course Record:

Jacque Servadio

Tee Yardages
Blue 6458
White 6258
Gold  6071
Forward 5424
Yellow (FC) 4292
Green (FC) 3182
FC - Family Course

A course yardage for everyone in the family!



Course Information

Kern River Golf Course is proud to announce the addition of PGA's Family Course / Tour Experience course length here in Bakersfield!  What does this mean? It means that no matter how far you hit the ball, you will have an appropriate yardage to play from which allows you to shoot lower scores and have more fun!  What length course should you play to have a Tour Experience? Take the yardage you hit your 5 iron and X it by 36.  For example a player who hits a 5 iron 100 yards should play a 3600 yard course (100X36=3600) while a player who hits it 175 yards should play a 6300 yard course.  In addition, longer hitters can get extra short game practice by playing from a shorter yardage or if they are pressed for time and need to play faster.  


So what does having a Tour Experience mean? The PGA wants you to have the same experience the pros' have!  Hole yardages allow players that don't hit the ball very far to easily hit greens in regulation using a variety of irons in their golf bag.  Juniors, ladies, seniors, and beginning golfers can all benefit from hitting from these shorter tees.  Not only will it make entry into the game more accessible, it will also provide a faster pace of play, lower scores, less frustration, and provide much more FUN!  Junior golfers can graduate to longer yardages as they grow and hit the ball farther and newer adult golfers can move back as their distance increases.

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